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Growing up in an artistic environment, Jean-Sébastien Senécal developed his expressivity and creativity at a very young age by experimenting music and ballet classes.


In 2004, he begins his first photo essays behind a shutter. Photography reveals itself being the best medium to express inner emotions and states of mind. He will graduate from Montreal Dawson College following a commercial photography course.


In the midst of the next few years, Senecal will explore deeper the artistic photography applying his new skills to landscape and portrait imageries. He will additionally enjoy collaborating with renowned artists Matthew Lyn, Christopher Griffith and Sébastien Micke to refine some photographic notions.


Being fundamentally human while having a great analytical mind, he stands out quickly from his peers. Holding onto an amazing creativity and understanding of constraints, he distinguishes himself by the interpretation of movements and static lines.


Jean-Sébastien explores also the rudiments of his passion with various clients. To this quiver, we can mention wearable technology designer Anouk Wipprecht, Blazys Gérard design & architecture, Pure hair salon and music band Elsiane.


2014 marks a great chapter professionally speaking for the photographer. Indeed, he embarks himself in a 2 years journey in England. During this, he performed with different clients in the hairdressing industry – Gary Ingham Aveda Salon & Spa, winner of the Aveda Fashionista contest, and Blue Tit London, Silvio Hauke winner of the regional Davines World Style contest -, in the European fashion world – Mikael D and Y Project -, and finally in the interior design field – I-AM London, Appear Here London and Aqua Saint-Paul Paris -. All these diverse projects made him also team up with L’Officiel Ukraine during the London and Paris fashion weeks.


Now back in Quebec, Jean-Sébastien Senécal wishes to establish himself amongst his colleagues as a fashion & beauty, interior design and architecture photography expert internationally.